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This is a quick attempt at creating a song generator.
Much of the features we wished to implement did not happen but the product itself is still very interesting. 
Currently all songs are created in 4/4 and the generator only works with major keys.

This project runs on Python using PySynth and PyNum
Be sure to read the readme file.

Install instructions

Music_Gen is a song generator.

Currently the generator only supports major keys and does not support the key of F

All songs are generated to the GenSongs/ folder. The whole song will be generated as fullSong.wav





File to be run:


Arguments for running:

1. input seed (This can be pretty much anything, I usually use a word)

2. Key you want the song in (a,b,c,d,e,g)

3. Number of measures you wish to generate

4. Number representing how large of note jumps you would like to make

5. (optional) Number of accidentals you want in your song


$ music_gen.py SwagSeed b 10 6 1


MusicGen.zip 3 MB

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